My story

I’m Zahida, an English/ESOL teacher, I started my teaching career in the early 1990’s as a volunteer in a local community centre in Blackburn. I was helping a good friend of mine Jane who was working as an English/ESOL teacher at Blackburn College in Lancashire.

I had met Jane my English GCSE teacher when I enrolled on the pilot GCSE English language course in Bangor St Community Centre in Sept 1987. This was the first ever GCSE exam after the ‘O’levels.

Jane was impressed with my English language skills as I passed my GCSE English language exam in the summer of 1988. I was a busy housewife and the time with 4 young children under the age of 10.

Jane told me about an opportunity to train as an ESOL Teacher with Blackburn College.  I welcomed this great opportunity with open arms and  started the RSA Teaching English as a Second Language in September 1990 with Jane as my mentor. I also volunteered to support an ESOL teacher Susan with her ESOL classes in Little Harwood Community Centre to gain the practical experience in a real classroom situation.

Since then I have completed numerous teaching courses such as City and Guilds 7307 Teaching Adults in Further Education, Teaching Basic Skills to Adults (ALBSU) The Certificate in Education from the University of Central Lancashire and an English language degree from the University of East London.

This was the beginning of my teaching career as an English/ESOL teacher in 1990. I have been teaching English/ESOL/Basic Skills in many different educational establishments in the UK and the UAE.

I have been very fortunate to have a supportive, loving and caring family who have been my main supporters in every step of this remarkable journey.

I have created this website because I want to share my expertise, knowledge, ideas and links to useful resources in order to help students to acquire essential English language skills as well as other subjects so that they can learn independently and excel in their chosen careers. These especially selected resources may benefit international ESOL teachers whose first language is not English.


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