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Bond with your children and create happy memories of staying home with the family.

For people who don’t lead a pinterest life -ideas to entertain the kids whilst we’re at home!


How to keep your hair on during COVID-19 …DAY 30…

Sara gives us ideas to stay sane and not lose our minds during isolation.



I’m writing this post at 1am probably because I drank too much coffee today trying to stay awake and do a zillion things at once. Long story short – I was teaching online during a thunderstorm outside and had to ensure all my own kids were actively engaged too. We did it -just about! I wanted to write this post as a reminder we … Read More 5 TIPS FOR TEENAGERS’ MENTAL HEALTH DURING LOCKDOWN.


A non-stop day… COVID-19 DAY 19!

It started normally but then spiralled into non-stop issues, I was helping one then the other then another one needed me – I was going a little bit crazy to be honest. Then I remembered the plan – oh YES ‘The Plan!’ The plan was hubby was going to take the little two out for a walk so I could work on whatever the … Read More A non-stop day… COVID-19 DAY 19!


Shared from a Homeschooler:

Comprehensive list of websites for anyone with a child or teachers

Corona Virus Pandemic

Everyone is talking about the current world problem – The dreaded Corona Virus, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the crazy shoppers who are taking all the toilet rolls off the supermarkets shelves like there’s no tomorrow! There is some sense in buying some essential shopping items – in case you need to isolate yourselves for a few days if you experience the common … Read More Corona Virus Pandemic


“And then what happened?”

Get your child to use his imagination for creative story telling…

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