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Corona Virus Pandemic

Everyone is talking about the current world problem – The dreaded Corona Virus, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the crazy shoppers who are taking all the toilet rolls off the supermarkets shelves like there’s no tomorrow! There is some sense in buying some essential shopping items – in case you need to isolate yourselves for a few days if you experience the common … Read More Corona Virus Pandemic


“And then what happened?”

Get your child to use his imagination for creative story telling…


Write 3-5 different colours on pieces of paper and then pick one colour each, You have to only eat food of your chosen colour for 24hours… inspired by the current YouTube challenge It was not easy!! We chose the colours at night and then ate breakfast according to our colours jam on toast; orange; cereal and scrambled egg on toast (Yellow was the best … Read More Eat only ONE COLOUR of FOOD ALL DAY #CHALLENGE


Bored? Things to do with the kids during the corona outbreak!

If you’re interested in buying a ‘sports day game’ for the kids!

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